The Two Witnesses are Michael and Gabriel… Archangels Born Human- They Will Prophesy!!

“These are the two olive trees and the two lampstands that stand before the lord of the earth.” -Revelation 11:4 (Apocalypse of John)

The traditions of men have long held that the 2 Witnesses will be old testament prophets returned in the flesh, the most prominent of these being Enoch and Elijah, and alternatively Moses. But the world has already heard their testimony, and in fact Moses and Elijah are part of the Sacred Canon. The Book of Enoch also records his witness of what he learned before he went to walk with God. So wouldn’t it follow that the 2 Witnesses will be two “people” who have not yet given their testimony directly? In fact, who better for God to send in order to expose the deceit and workings of the devil, than those who have been on the Spiritual Frontline for all of these centuries?

As it turns out, we will hear their testimony, but it will be their human testimony. The Archangels were born to human parents, and their spirits entered into their human parent’s conception as any human soul would. So, in this they are born into sinful flesh, and so are subject to the devil’s temptations as much as the rest of us. Jesus Our Lord was fully God and fully man, and even though He was sinless, was also subject to the temptations of the devil. This we know from the Gospels.
The Archangels will however not know of their angelic-origins until a predetermined time during their 1260-day “commission” from God. As with all of God’s human-creations, Michael and Gabriel will be “behind the veil” of the flesh. They will be prophesying and witnessing through their faith, and not through any direct line to heaven or miraculous-means. It seems that this is to disprove many of Satan’s false-accusations against them, before he was thrown out of heaven.

So, they are here now, and may-have been prophesying since July 11th, 2009. We just have not yet learned of their identities as the Two Witnesses and Archangels of the Most High. I have spent much time in exegesis and I will be laying-out the case for this during the course of this next month. Stay-tuned!!

3 Responses to “The Two Witnesses are Michael and Gabriel… Archangels Born Human- They Will Prophesy!!”

  1. witnesswatch Says:

    What better day to announce Michael and Gabriel than on the Feast of the Transfiguration of their Lord?

    Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty- Who was, Who is, and Who is to come!!!

  2. You ask where are the witness ? maybe they need little time to Grasp all the information that they are Angels in flesh etc… I am sure it is not so easy. And then read the bible there is everything written, if you know who they are so just search the scripture referred to them. It is written that when the restrainer is taken away, the lawless one will come out. So Michael is the restrainer of lawlessness he was taken away about December 2008 then i suppose the battle in heaven ocured in June 2009. Place of battle the sky between Europe and Turkey. After the devil lost he send the Peace flotilla after Israel. When you read then Michael will stand up for the people of Israel so i guess he is on the way But its just guessing. >)

  3. witnesswatch Says:

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