The Clock Tower on the $100 Dollar Bill is Eternally Stopped at the Moment of 2:22

The back of the 100 dollar bill shows an image of Independence Hall.
The Independence Hall clock-time is stopped at exactly 2:22

If this time of 2:22 stands for a date, could it be the day that the clock on Independence hall stops ticking? Or by extension, the date when America “stops ticking”?

If 2:22 signifies a date, I believe it was 11/22, or November 22nd, 2009. Although February 22nd (2/22) could be the most obvious date symbolized in 2:22, it is 11/22, which is the most likely date to equate with the end of America, as this would make more sense to those trying to conceal it’s meaning:

If both clock-hands were minute-hands,
the time would literally read as 11:22
(Roman-Numeral II even looks-like an 11).
2:22 translated into roman numerals could be rendered as II:II:II
II : II : II
11 : 11 : 11
1+1 : 1+1 : 1+1

The Ultimate 11:11 Date:

But what would have to happen in America to stop the clock in the tower from ticking? And how would someone know this decades or-more before such a date?

Well, since this cypher is printed on the U.S. money, it seems logical that it signifies the financial end of the American Dollar’s power. Although the economy has been in a holding-pattern since 11/22/2009, that date was the defacto death of the dollar as a monetary unit. On 11/22/09, it ceased to be the base-currency of the global economy, as numerous nations withdrew from their dollar-holdings during that week, and switched to the Euro.

If you suspect that this economic collapse did not happen by accident, you are not alone. To find out more about the New World Order’s agenda and schedule for their soon-coming implementation of complete global control, read all of the gory-details and exact-timeline with dates, go to the homepage:

Things that make you go hmmmm….

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