Does the Dollar-bill have an 11:11 Expiration Date printed on it’s backside?

That’s right, you pay for your groceries with 11:11, you pay for your gas with 11:11. You pay all of your bills and whatever you buy- with your 11:11 money. If this is correct, then the death of the dollar has been planned for a very, very long time- and with a very, very precise time-table. The U.S. dollar is the reserve currency of the entire world. Is the entire global-economy as we have known it on a head-on collision trajectory with 11/22 (11/11+11/11)? Even if the economy stays in a holding pattern after 11/22, we shall know in less than 2 short weeks if this is the same 11/22/2009 that corresponds to the “year of eleven”- 2009. Let’s hope that if the 11:11 dollar is set to die on the date of 11/22, that it is at least in 2 more years: 2011. We may not have that luxury of time however: 2011=2+0+1+1=4. 2009=2+0+0+9=11.

If 11/22/09 is the expiration date of the U.S. dollar, then it will be sometime along the pi-year countdown schedule after 12/21/2009 when it’s replacement is announced. This date of December 21st, 2009 is also encoded on the dollar bill- in the great seal countdown, which ends precisely on that date (See my 10/10 post on the One-Dollar-Bill Great-Seal-Countdown for details). I sincerely hope this is wrong, but we’ll all find out quite soon enough…

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